Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The wedding dress I found and loved was a size 6 that fit pretty good. It was a little tight, but I thought, "hey, girls tend to lose weight for their weddings so it'll work." Then I thought, "I don't wanna lose weight. Let's order an 8." Then came Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

I tried on the dress yesterday. It fits great.


Lindsay Lee said...

Glad to hear it. So when is are you going to be wearing said dress?

Michemily said...

Way to go with ordering the size 8 and not being afraid to love yummy food. :) So I have a question. Did you find out about Lawsons Did Dallas from my blog? I love that blog!

cathy said...

20 years from now you will only DREAM of being a size 8, so enjoy it while it lasts (or prove us wrong and be one of the few Chamberlains that can keep the weight down). I can't wait to see the dress!