Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Big Day

Yesterday, January 6th, 2009, is a day I will remember and celebrate for a long time to come. Why? Was it my wedding day? My graduation day? Someone's birthday? An anniversary of some sort? No. Last night Jonathan and I both worked our last shifts as employees of Jasmine China Bistro and Sushi Bar.**

Goodbye to the finicky tables of senile bridge ladies who forget what they ordered by the time you bring it out, then blame you and leave a dollar. Goodbye to the moody sushi chef who tells the girls to stop eating so much and lose weight. Goodbye to explaining in great detail why I need work off to go to the doctor. Goodbye freakin' the way they run things there! Goodbye to that couple that comes in every week, orders 35 dollars of sushi, and leaves a three dollar tip. Goodbye to getting yelled at when there's nothing to do. Goodbye to losing a part of my soul when I pull into the parking lot for my lunch shift and see the nursing home van unloading in the parking lot (old people are just hard to serve. don't hate me for hating them). Goodbye to breaking wine corks and spilling on customers. Goodbye to the Chardonnay, French-flash card, solo-diner, snooty lady. Goodbye to people comparing me to a male Mormon missionary..."no, no, hahaha...I've never heard that one before, good one." Goodbye to pulling off the fridge door sometimes. Goodbye to "egg drop, hot and sour, or miso." Goodbye to "Jasmine, Oolong, or Green." Goodbye to adding credit cards, polishing silverware, folding napkins, wiping down books and trays, counting out the till. Goodbye soy sauce refilling. I will miss you.... yeah....

What I will really miss:
-the good tippers

-a constant flow of free diet coke

-the little 2-year-old girl that orders ten pieces of nigiri sushi (slab of raw fish over a rice ball) and eats every bit of it.

-smacking jonathan's butt when no one's looking. i mean......

-free lunch, free dinner, free soup, free rice, free fortune cookies, free chow mein noodles

-practicing my spanish

-learning chinese words

-hanging with the awesome people that work there

-the times when I work for 3 hours and walk away with a hundred bucks
-the funny stories that come from the worst experiences

So I guess it really is bittersweet saying goodbye to El Jasmino. I got to know and fall in love with Jonathan there. I have to give them that. I've made a ton of awesome friends that I hope to keep through my whole life. I've paid for rent and trips and gas and bills and a motorcycle and everything I've needed in the past 2 years with my income there.

I guess I'll always have a special place in my heart for Jasmine. But the bridge ladies! And the @#$%ing sushi chef!

January 6, 2009. WOOOOO!

Jasmine peeps at the summer employee barbecue... hey where did alan come from?

Jasmine employees at Emily's wedding

Jonathan's last time walking out the door after a shift.

**Please no one make me eat my words. Please, please please!


Lindsay Lee said...

congratulations. moving on up, huh? february 28th. congrats for that too... maybe more so!

Michemily said...

Mmmmm. Sushi . . . where will you be working now?

amanda said...

i don't know about moving on up. i wish. i just had the manager of a place called Rib City call me for an interview. hm. Rib City. Classy.

Jessica said...

Congratulations. So where to next? I think you should go for somewhere like the Market Street Grill or The New Yorker. You've got the style and class and could make some good bucks!

Sam and Rachelle said...

One day you will look back and miss this...right?? :) I am so excited for you and Johnathon, you seriously could not be more of a perfect match!! Love your photos too!! lol. They always make me laugh.

cathy said...

Amanda you have the best blog. I'm so glad you're my niece - you make me laugh! Good luck these next few weeks.

Dave and Nat said...

I just discovered you had a blog! Fun! This post made me laugh hysterically. It's so true! I am really going to miss you guys, you make me want to finally move on from Jasmine but lets be honest I will probably stay forever. The night you pulled the fridge off the door was by far my favorite night! By the way I saw you slapping his butt you weren't that sneaky :)

Dave and Nat said...
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Stephanie N. said...

congrats! my last day of jasmine was equally wonderful.