Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am not a model... (neither is Jonathan)

Last Wednesday was a very trying day for me. I spent the morning in very curly hair, very dramatic makeup (for me), a very ruffly dress, with Jonathan in a tux, and a photographer leading us around. Why?



I. hate. getting. pictures. taken. of. me.

In the beginning I refused to get bridals and I thought we'd just find a cute snapshot of Jonathan and I for our announcement photo (see sidebar). Wrong. My mom wasn't about to let me get away without getting bridals taken. I say, why would I want 300 pictures of me posing and looking cheesy? I don't want them. Why go through the pain of a photo shoot? Nagging and begging ensued. For some reason my parents think they want a cute picture of me in my wedding dress to hang up in their living room (alongside sister Emily...much more photogenic and patient of photographers). So we came to a compromise. Groomals. I would get all dressed up in my awesome dress, Jonathan would get all dressed up in an expensive rental (pit-stained) tux, and we would together go through the ridiculousness of a photo shoot a month and a half before the big day. woo.

We ended up going downtown around some cool old buildings and posing and posing and posing. Passersby would congratulate us and I would think to myself what frauds we were, pretending to be married nearly two months too soon.

The worst part of it was that my photographer didn't seem want me to be happy to be marrying Jonathan...

Photographer: Okay guys, lets do a serious one. No smiles.

Me: (rolling eyes)

Photographer: Amanda.... um......

Mom: you're a jungle cat, Amanda. think jungle cat!

Me and Jonathan: laughing

Photographer: okay guys, no smiles on this one. lets make it a serious one.

Jonathan: (gets straight face and bored eyes)

Amanda: (tries to picture a jungle cat model pose and imitate it)

Photographer: um... okay... good... amanda, try looking off in the distance, relaxing your lower lip, and slowly blowing air out of your mouth. jonathan, lean over and pretend to whisper something in her ear.

Me: what the... (exhale... wondering how retarded I look)

Seriously though... Why? I am happy. Jonathan is funny. The drunk homeless guy watching us get our pictures taken was funny. Why can't we just smile and laugh? WHY?!?!?!

Our pictures got uploaded onto my photographer's website today and I have to say, all of the pictures where jonathan and I are trying to look serious, hot, and model-y look completely and totally ridiculous, just as I thought they would. The pictures that I like are the ones where we're smiling and laughing.

Also, Jonathan probably should have gotten a haircut. Oops. Oh well.

In defense of my photographer, he takes really awesome pictures. And most girls could probably pull off the model-y, pissy face, I'm-going-to-my-grave bride look. Just not me. I still recommend my photographer to everyone but if you're like me, just smile. Who cares about model pictures?

i'm pretty positive this girl (above) has a gun in her right hand. watch out.

this girl definitely thinks she's freakin' hot. (so what if she really is)

snow queen cleavage girl is going to take your first born. and eat it.

I wish I could post some of my ridiculous pictures here for you guys to laugh at, but I don't have the rights to the pictures yet. If you want to see some (you will have no problem finding the ridiculous ones), go to and then click on "proofing." Find Jonathan and Amanda and the password is my last name. The best one to look at is the link that says "groomals faves." Have fun. And you owe me.


Michemily said...

I looooove your dress. The fabric is so artfully twisted (twisted in a good way, not in a twisted way). I love it.

That one guy... said...

Amanda, all I can say is "Nice, very, very nice, have fun, and better you than me"

amanda said...

thanks michelle. i didn't like any of the boring mormon dresses i found so mine is strapless and i had to get a jacket made for it, but i'm way happy with how it turned out.

Lindsay Lee said...

I love it!!! You are hilarious. Groomals. I'll have to remember that. Did I say you are hilarious? I mean it.

Dasha said...

Amanda, I found your blog through Steph's and I love it! Your wedding sentiments echo mine exactly. I flat-out refused to do bridals- my compromise was a few solo pictures of me on our wedding day so my parents wouldn't have a cow. And the serious pictures? Also not happening. I think my photographer tried that once at our engagement session and the result was pretty special, so from then on she knew better.

Congratulations on the wedding by the way. Hope everything goes well!

Stephanie N. said...

BAH. Hahahaha. what is it with photgraphers and the serious pictures?

i have really terrible ones that i think i am going to have to post. becuse humiiating myself on the internet is so fun.

i love your dress. you guys look great.