Thursday, January 22, 2009

random thoughts


1. I just spilled Christmas Frosty Nerds (candy) all over myself, my laptop and my bed. Should I leave them there for a midnight snack or look for all of them now?

2. Ecuador has a very cautious government when it comes to having visitors. To obtain a 6 month Visa, Jonathan and I each have to have an HIV test, get a letter from a doctor saying we don't have any contagious diseases, get a notarized letter from the bank saying that we have sufficient funds and can support ourselves, get a police background check and a letter saying we don't have a criminal record, fill out some other paperwork, send them our passports and new passport photos, send copies of our round trip airline tickets to Ecuador, and last but not least, pay them $230. Each.
At least we don't have to fly to L.A. to give them all this crap in person like I had to do to get my Spain Visa.

3. I watched TLC's "Clean House" on TV today and it seemed kind of ridiculous. They made this lady get rid of half her clothes and I swear she didn't even have that much in her closet to begin with. "Congratulations, Lady! You're house is clean! Now good luck finding anything to wear."

4. Now that I am out of school, I find get to choose what I want to learn! Yesterday I went to the public library with my brother, Josh, and left with 12 books. 2 are travel books about Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands, 1 is a travel book about South America in General, 2 are beginner self-teaching Spanish books for Jonathan, 2 are advanced Spanish books for me, 1 is a book of amazing photos from BBC's Planet Earth series of amazingness!!!!, 1 is one of those "dummies" books about building websites (something I've always wanted to learn and might possibly find time to do now), 2 are about building and running nonprofit organizations, and 1 was an audio CD/book of beginner Japanese for Jonathan's sister Kristine.

Doesn't it sound like fun? I have a lot to do now.

As a side note, Josh left the library with a huge hardcover about President Reagan and a book by Martha Stewart on hors d'oeuvres-making. What an awesome kid.
amazing. everyone must watch.

4. I've been wondering about all this inversion in the air... Today I treadmilled it up inside instead of going outside because of the nasty air. But really, isn't the outside air inside our houses too? Anyone know if it really makes that big of a difference where we breathe?

Salt Lake Valley before and after pollution. or maybe after and before. or after and later after.

5. I realized after watching Lost last night (actually on TV with the rest of the world for the first time ever) that watching television is only good when it's on DVD and you can watch the episodes as consecutively as you please.

6. Jonathan is helping Josh understand his Jr. High art class perspective drawing assignment right now and it's so cute.

7. The Spanish television channels on basic cable are really strange. And apparently they still listen to the blue da-ba-dee song.

8. Does it seem like I'm watching a lot of television? It's because I'm living with my parents until the weddin'. They have TV.

9. Registering for wedding gifts together teaches patience. And it's not fun like I always expected it to be. Choosing between 15 types of cutting boards is just annoying. And I just got an email from Target saying that a bunch of stuff I registered for won't be in the store much longer. Crap.

10. My relationship with Jonathan has reached a new level. I just burped loudly in front of him... but only because he just farted big-time in front of me.

This picture was probably taken after the ugly burping level in the relationship but before the stinky farting level.

11. I went to a Lenka concert tonight. She has a nice voice, nice lyrics, and a nice accent. I enjoyed it very much ("I'm just a little bit caught in the middle..." her other songs are better).

12. Spanish has messed with my English. I can't spell words with double letters anymore and I second-guess my English grammar frequently. It's a little sad that I've had much more Spanish grammar than English grammar training in my life.

13. One of the most fulfilling and self-satisfying things I've done is learning a second language. I highly recommend it. Communicating with people in a language other than your native language is exhilarating. I'm trying to decide the next language I want to learn. Some of Jonathan's siblings are learning Japanese. Maybe I'll try it.

14. The steamed milk at 7-eleven is too sweet, but it's good if you add some hot water to it.

15. The trick to ending dry feet is to put really thick lotion or Vaseline on them, then put plastic bags over them, then put socks over the plastic bags. Usually you should do this before bed so you don't squish around when you walk. And if you use Vaseline, you'll probably want to wash your feet in the morning.

Okay, I'm thinkin' that's enough random information streaming from my head and onto my blog for one day.
random cool image of the sun and moon at the north pole.


Dasha said...

Wednesday was my first time watching LOST on TV, too. And it just wasn't the same. I really grew accustomed to the whole "no commercials" thing.

And I HATED registering for wedding gifts. Whoever decided that it would be nice to organize Bed, Bath, and Beyond with all those ridiculously high shelves was out of their mind. I would recommend registering at a "fun" store to reclaim your sanity. We registered at REI and it was awesome. We are still using all the gift cards people gave us.

amanda said...

yeah we were thinking about registering at REI. I just didn't know if we'd actually get anything from there.

Michemily said...

Pretty sure I love your blog.

Sarah Williams said...

I was watching a lot of tv too! And then my free cable ran out...what to do....