Monday, February 23, 2009

Sausage on your burger...?

This is why you're fat.

Chocolate on your bacon?

Hot dogs in your pie?

Yummy. I found this disgustingly awesome website today. Check it out.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stress List ............................ P.S. I'm learning HTML. Try not to get too annoyed

I'm writing this post as a list that I won't lose. If you guys wouldn't mind reminding me of things on this list if you ever see me in person, that would be great. There are so many things running through my head that I have to do or check on or think about.

-taxes are done. refund of $1041.00 should be deposited into my account on Feb 27th.
-pay tithing.
-finish reupholstering my dad's wingback chair that I tore apart last week.
-find shoes to wear with the wedding dress.
-pick up guest sign-in book from my photographer
-buy international insurance for Jonathan and me so they'll pay to ship our bodies back to Utah if we die in Ecuador. What a happy thought.
-Our Visas came! It was a huge relief after all the hard work and money and organizing we put into the process.
-watch Spanish channels on tv and listen to Spanish cd's in the car. Brushing up...
-get my eyebrows waxed
-tell Jane where and when to come to do my hair on the wedding day.
-find somewhere for us to stay between the wedding and ecuador.
-finish the slideshow to play at the reception.
-Get playlists together for the background music at the reception and also for the dancing music.
-make sure Jonathan's wedding band is getting made
-buy stuff at Cabela's to wash our sheets with when we get to Ecuador to get rid of fleas and bedbugs.
-get typhoid and hepatitis shots
-get a 6-month supply of b.c.
-take some files off my laptop to make room
-tell the tux place what jonathan decided to wear
-get sashes for bridesmaids
-pack up my room and all my clothes I won't be taking to Ecuador.
-get my crap out of Laura's basement (sorry Laura)
-Figure out where to keep all of our stuff until we come back in August.
-pack for Ecuador
-don't lose my passport
-call the airline and have them assign our seats to be together

okay this list was supposed to calm me down. now i just want to go in my room, shut my door and sleep.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I need a beach and a massage.

I made it through my crazy, stressful, anxious week and will be ready to start blogging again shortly. Sigh... you know it's bad when you have to consciously tell yourself to stop clenching your teeth because it's giving you a headache. Oh and when you seem completely fine one second and then randomly start crying to Jonathan. And he has no idea why and is very confused.

Note: I am grateful to Andrea, Shane, Matt, Tiffany, Robyn, Brooke, Janet, Kristine, Clint, and MY MOM for helping Jonathan and me address our many invitations.

I am not grateful to the post office, doctors offices, banks, and the ECUADOR CONSULATE.

That's all.