Monday, April 27, 2009


*I think Cathy and Laura might be the only ones who know the correct tone to use when saying the title of this post.

You know those kind of days that start out just fine but by the end you want to scream and pull your hair (and other people's hair) and throw things?

Mom, I know you know those days... I remember in the summers of my younger years when Emily and I would fight over which chores we had to do, who got to choose the tv show, who got to practice the piano first (to get it over with), and on and on. Josh might have been in his colicky (perma-cry) baby stage in some instances. We knew you'd had enough when in the midst of our screams and hair-pulling and scratching we saw you go into your room, grab a pillow off of your bed, and have a good long scream to yourself. Then, being the awesome mom you were and are, we'd go to the gas station, get you a big mug of diet coke, and then you'd take us kids to the park or the pool to run out our energy and buy yourself some sanity. I'm sorry, Mom. When I have little screaming banshees of my own one day, I will be happy to let you relish in the payback. I'm getting off topic.

Back to those days (the one's that make your mom scream into a pillow). I just want to say that today has been one of those days. It may or may not have involved me throwing Jonathan's flash drive and screaming down my shirt (no pillows around). Plus it's 7 pm and I'm still working. I don't want to go into every detail of every joy but here are a few I've been lucky to have:
  • my Excel document that details all of the office expenditures in great detail for the month of April is gone. Nowhere to be found on my computer.
  • tomorrow we have to walk around the city trying to sell ad space in the magazine we're making to local businesses . There's nothing I hate more than selling. People don't take the tall, blondish girl seriously around here anyway.
  • Adriana told me I have to wear high heels tomorrow (walking around the city) so that I look professional.
  • High heels are called "tacos" here which reminds me that I can't make tacos here because there is no chili powder anywhere. Sometimes you just want a taco.
  • I dropped the whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet I had just peed in.
  • The staff left the office (which is also our apartment) two hours later than they normally do. Be glad you don't live at your office. If you do, tips?
  • On her way out the door, Adriana asked me to print a file using one of the office printers for tomorrow morning. I just opened the file. 96 pages. Our printer is the kind you can only put a few blank pages in at a time or it jams. Any guesses on how many hours I'm going to be sitting here in front of the printer feeding it blank pages?
  • I was so busy filling out the paperwork to be able to pay our water guy that I forgot to actually pay him and wondered why he wouldn't leave when I gave him the receipt.
  • I peed my pants during a staff meeting.... Just kidding. That would have sucked too though, right?
  • I walked into the bathroom after everyone finally left the office and my bangs looked HORRIBLE. grease ball. There was also a big new zit on my chin. Big. Then I went to the bathroom and guess what? No toilet paper. Well there was, but it was sitting in the garbage can saturated with toilet water and pee.

So after a great day at work, and with such promising potential for another great day tomorrow, I will now attempt to work on my research paper while feeding paper into the printer.

Thanks for teaching me the pillow trick, Mom


Jerrea said...

Diet Coke seems to be a running theme in my life. I need to get a different theme. If anyone puts "she loved her diet coke" in my obituary, I will haunt them. Thanks for thinking I was a good mom. There were many days I didn't feel like one. I love you.

Jessica said...

That makes me tired! It reminds of staying up late one night to finish my final paper for a college class. I hit spell check, and apparently something else, 'cause the whole things vanished. Not to be found. So, I stayed up later into the next day, to re-write my 25 page final paper. I even made my 11 am class with it.
Sorry about the bad day. I will make you some tacos when you get home...better yet, how about I just take you to Cafe Rio?

Michemily said...

Wow, I feel really frustrated too, but it's to the point where I can't even write about it. I should try that pillow thing. When I have a pillow available again, that is. :D

Michemily said...

I think you would like these duck pics:

Oh, and my word verification is "worce" as in, "It could be worce. I couldn't even know how to spell."

cathy said...

Oh, Amanda. We've all been there. Once, I spilled diet coke on my white shirt driving to a job intervew. Once I came home from a business meeting to find a HUGE whitehead on my nose. Nice. Oh, and I've totally dropped the roll in the toilet before. At least it wasn't a #2.
Try the phrase: "We'll go to bed now so you can leave."
High heels are tacos? Heh. Do you even have high heels?