Friday, May 22, 2009

guess whose birthday it is...

happy . fun . generous . goal-setter . inspiring . kind . musical . family man . hard worker . go-getter . triathloner . runner . healthy . homework helper . good ideas . motivator . marshmallow . great to talk to . swimmer . friendly . intellectual . songwriter . camper . awesome . supportive . optimistic . good advice . Sunday talks . wedding singer . service . cinnamon bears . "Puffer Paul" . day-old doughnuts . honest . sweet-tooth . family vacation goer . good teacher . welcoming . adventurous . playhouse builder . patient . ssss-ssss-ssss laugher . handy man . meat carver . smart . wise . businessman . coach . blindingly white legs . loving . sacrificing . spiritual . landscaper . remodeler . horsey ride-giver . snowman-builder . easygoing . Dad

Dad and Mom, Halloween 2006

Dad, Josh, and Ben in Costa Rica, August 2008

Carving the... Turkey? Thanksgiving 2007

Dad, Josh, and me on the zip line in Costa Rica, August 2008

Ben, me, Dad, and Emily. Yellowstone trip, Summer 2006

I love you so much, Dad. Thanks for helping me move way too many times. Thanks for singing to me and Jonathan and Em and Alex at our weddings. Thanks for teaching me about service and the importance of helping those in need. Thanks for the awesome family you and Mom have created. Thanks for giving me such a horrible, wonderful sweet tooth. Thanks for spending so much of your time and energy with us, your family. Thanks for loving me no matter when, no matter what. Thanks for being so nice and welcoming to my friends (who all love you). Thanks for teaching me SO MUCH just through your example. Thanks for staying out past dark building igloos and snowmen with me and Em. Thanks for keeping yourself healthy and strong. Thanks for all the fun family trips and for teaching me to love camping and the outdoors. Thanks for changing my flat tire last year and teaching me how to do it (but I forgot). Thanks for always being on the sidelines, on the pool deck, in the bleachers, and in the audience.

There's so much more I could say! I wish I could be with you for your birthday. I'm sure I missed some things so anyone feel free to tell my dad what's awesome about him in the comments. There's just so much! Love you, Dad!


Sarah Williams said...

I still think about that Igloo night when I am thinking of my best childhood memories! Thanks for all you do for me Paul!

David and Brooke Gallagher said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope Paul has a good one. I have to say, I love how your father loves to serve others, especially when he let my mom and Donaven stay at your home for a few weeks. Thanks!

Jerrea said...

Amanda, you made my day twice! I love you.