Sunday, May 3, 2009

just when I thought my spanish was getting so good

Today at church I was sitting in elders quorum with Jonathan. Yes, elders quorum. The LDS church is really changing things up in South America. Or maybe it's just that I'm usually the only female on time to church in our branch. I've been to relief society one time in the two months that we've lived here. Anyway, Jonathan and I were chatting quietly as the branch president was about to get the class going. He (the branch pres.) looked over at me with the hymn book in his hand and said something and smiled. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention because I don't know what he said. Since we were about to start singing the opening hymn and he was looking at me, I figured he probably wanted me to lead it. So I got up, counted to 3, and started singing and leading. After we all sang the last verse I was about to go sit down when the branch president turned to me and asked me if I would now say the prayer. So I did and then sat down.

Jonathan then informed me that I was never asked to lead the hymn, but to pray. Oops. That must have been pretty funny for everyone...

Branch Pres: Amanda, will you say the opening prayer for us?
Me: (smile, stand up, and lead the whole hymn)

I'll be honest. I REALLY miss Utah church. Not that the church is more true in Utah... it's just that all my peeps live in Utah. Yes, my peeps.

Wanna hear something else that happened at church today? The Sunday School Pres. asked me if I am expecting a baby.

....uuhhhh...... I thought you were never supposed to ask that question unless you were SURE! Don't they KNOW that here?! I just don't get it. Maybe I need to never wear that dress again. I was pretty sure that my stomach is not among my chubby parts. I thought it looked nice and flat in that dress. AND I've been doing crunches and bicycles and really annoying things like that. I guess I really have some sucking in to do. And no, I'm NOT pregnant. ...deep breaths.....

After church today I was settling into bed for some Harry Potter reading and maybe a nap when Jonathan proceeded to scare me so bad that I screamed out loud, almost had a heart attack, and cried from the shock of it all. He felt pretty bad since he wasn't even trying to scare me in the first place. I know if I explain the story, everyone will make fun of me because it wasn't even that scary. But obviously it made an impression.

Okay, basically what happened is that the bedroom door was open a crack and I heard music coming from the front room so I assumed he was in there. Then all of the sudden there was a creepy rapist voice saying/whispering, "hey manda, heeey maandaaaa, hey hey maanda..." I don't know why my subconscious brain didn't figure out real fast that it was Jonathan, but I looked over and there was an eye peeking in the door and I freaked. That's all. Maybe a year taken off my life from the stress and shock on my heart.

Love you, babe.

Hmmm...Random thoughts from the past week (lists are the easiest):

-Haribo Tropifruttis are so delicious. When it comes to gummy candies, texture is everything. With Tropifruttis, I think Haribo hit it right on. Thanks Haribo!

-Jonathan claims to like my cooking. That is such an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

-My blisters from walking around all day in high heels (a.k.a. DEVIL SHOES) selling publicity for our magazine are starting to heal.

-Thursday morning for our employee bonding day we went to an awesome park and played ultimate frisbee and basketball. It was soooo fun.

-We got new FAST internet!!!!

-We have been living in Ecuador for two whole months. Weird!

-My parasite symptoms are back with a vengeance. I was reading about parasites online and got so grossed out that I think I am finally motivated to take care of mine. I hope they're not the earthworm-looking ones. urgle.

-Yesterday I felt very uncharacteristically cultured and refined. It was a rainy afternoon and Jonathan and I were sitting in the main room of our apartment. I was reading articles on the relationship between poverty and happiness for my research paper while Jonathan sketched the mountain view out of our window. Schubert piano quintets were playing in the background. Yeah, I'm serious.

-Jonathan and I would be much less happy people without the invention of cheese.

-It was Adriana's turn to give the random presentation in our team meeting this week. She gave it on HIV-AIDS. It was a powerpoint presentation filled with graphic animations demonstrating how to properly use a condom. She also told me and Jonathan and Carlos that since we are all sexually active that we won't get HIV as long as we're faithful to our spouses. Thanks...

-I got to talk to tons of family today on Skype. Woooo! Happy Birthday, Grandma!!! The big 6-9!!

-My awesome aunt is looking for a new roommate. I used to live with her and it was great. She's renting out a big private basement bedroom with a private NEW bathroom. She has a ping-pong table, washer and dryer, a big yard, she's fun, athletic, a good cook, etc. She's looking for a non-annoying, non-crazy girl to live with. Let me know if you know anyone!

-If you're looking for a part-time afternoon job in Salt Lake, I know of a company looking to hire a new receptionist. I used to work there. It involves a big bowl of candy on your desk and some taming the zoo of men that work there... along with answering phones, filing stuff, making copies. typing up sales orders, etc. Basically they need a Pam. Let me know if you're interested!

Okay, that's enough. I'll leave you with these pictures that make me laugh...

Face-first down the rickety slide. I love it.

One of these things is not like the other...

I don't know why it's funny to me. It just is.

Sometimes you can take a picture of Jonathan and zoom in on his face...

and it will look like this. Love him.


Michemily said...

Pretty sure I laugh out loud at least once every time I read your blog. That picture of you on the couch is hilarious, and I'm also not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with you looking huge and out-of-place in comparison to the kids and the cloud-like background.

Lori Ann said...

The leading the hymns things wasnt too bad! On my mission, I told people that Lehi and his family ATE a great civilization:) Its not the dress, its the hispanic way. Social etiquette is so different, as I am sure you have guessed! Will you be able to see the Half Blood Prince there? If not, I swear I will send you a bootleg copy! No one should have to wait for Harry Potter!!

Jessica said...

I am right with you on the ettiquette thing. At least people don't call you the cute litte cubby american missionary. That is what they all called me on my my face...all the time. That was nice. I hope you figure out the parasite thing soon! You need to start feeling normal again!

Jessica said...

I need spell check...that is "chubby" american. Just thought I would add that.

Sam and Rachelle said...

I love reading your blog, each time I read it I get to know you better. You're adorable. I love your open honest opinion on life. I am excited I get you as a sister in law.
As for Jonathon scaring you, he may opt to do it again since he got a good reaction. Sam thinks it hilarious to hear me shriek or jump out of my skin. The best is when you think you are alone, peacefully taking a shower. Then Sam wonders why I have given him a couple bloody noses??? lol.
And, I ADORE that photo of you sitting on the couch, it is so artistic. You could seriously enter that into a contest. There is just something about it that draws you in.

cathy said...

I agree, the couch picture is really cool. I'm glad you're going to face the parasite. Good luck with the poop sample. :)

James McOmber said...

Haha. The hymn story is great.

Two things about the pregnant question:

1. You have the flattest stomach in the world, so I wouldn't worry.
2. Even if you were fat, isn't calling a woman "gordo" a compliment down there?

Also, would you tell me more details about the job? Like e-mail me or something? I'm somewhat interested.

Thanks! I like reading your blob. Miss you guys.

James McOmber said...

I meant "gorda"/"gordita".