Thursday, May 21, 2009

no day at the beach...

Yikes. The past few days have been a little rough.


Two nights ago Jonathan started having some pretty severe chest pain and pressure (on the left side) to the point where he couldn't sleep. It got so bad (and I got so worried) that we finally went to the emergency room of a nearby hospital at 4 am. The doctor didn't seem to think it was a problem with his heart. He just gave him a shot for the pain and prescribed a couple pain meds. The pain meds didn't work too well and he was still in constant pain all day yesterday. I went to the church last night during Noche de Hogar and got the missionaries and another man in the ward to come give him a blessing. Later last night we were able to Skype with my parents' neighbor who is some sort of heart doctor. He didn't seem to think the pain was from a heart problem either but said it sounds like Jonathan has pleurisy.

Pleurisy is a painful inflammation/infection between the lungs and the rib cage. The doctor Skype-prescribed some good old ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation. Jonathan feels a little better today and we're hoping that his pain will go away completely soon. I am so relieved and I'm ready to finally get some good sleep.

When Jonathan's brother James heard the good news that Jonathan's heart is okay and that he's feeling better, he sent me an email. I thought you all might enjoy it as much as I did...

"I am glad Jonathan is okay, it is a relief off my shoulders because I think he chest hurt because of me. About 10 years ago I remember putting some hot tamales in his oatmeal and he ate them all in one gulp!!!!!
I am so glad he is okay."

Me too!

Other news of interest to anyone who may be missing us (because we are missing all of you so much): Today, Thursday the 21st of May, is our HUMPDAY*! So it's all downhill from here**. We sure will miss Ecuador when we have to leave, but after a couple hard days, I really just miss Home. That feeling comes and goes. Maybe we'll just have to take another trip to the beach.

* No, Josh. No.
**I hate it when bands put common phrases into their songs and then when you say or write that common phrase you can't get the song out of your head. Hey JamesMc, remember when I liked New Found Glory? Remember how you hated my shirt in high school?


James McOmber said...

Of course I remember your NFG shirt. I also remember you telling this to Heidi upon learning that she was my prom date: "Don't talk to him about music - he'll be a jerk and make you feel dumb about your taste" -- or something to that effect. I apologize for being a jerk.

Also, I'm glad it seems you and Jonathan are okay.

James McOmber said...

Yeah, that's pretty scary. I hope everything turns out all right. I'll pray for you guys.

amanda said...

I never thought you were a jerk! I hope I never used that word to Heidi (Hi Heidi!). I was just afraid of feeling stupid in high school. You know? I think you did made me realize that NFG isn't really that great (sucks). I do still feel nostalgic about them though. My first real concert. Tenth grade. McKay Events Center. And I bought a t-shirt to prove it.

Heidi said...

Haha! If it makes you feel better, I don't particularly remember having any pre-prom jerk conversation. For the record, we'll just say it never happened.

I'm glad things are looking up for Jonathan. The whole situation sounded scary!

cathy said...

So THAT's where you were all this time. Glad to hear Jonathan's doing a little better. Take care.

Jessica said...

Oh man, that is terrible! Hope all is more calm now. we will remember you double in our prayers!

Sarah Williams said...

I still listen to shame

David and Brooke Gallagher said...

Hey I am glad to hear your man is alright! Keep you in our prayers!