Tuesday, May 26, 2009

priceless photos

I just can't get over how cute my little niece, Madeline, is. See, I've been married almost 3 months and so far have managed not to get knocked-up. Since Jonathan and I are spending all of our money living in Ecuador as unpaid interns, it would probably be a little stressful to have a baby on the way. By the time we get home we'll have very little (or no) money, no place to live, no jobs, and no health insurance. However, little Maddie just makes it so hard not to throw caution into the wind.

Yesterday I saw a sequence of photos on my sister-in-law's (hi Kristine!) facebook that I had to steal and share with you all.

I think this has to be one of the best pictures I've ever seen.* The picture that comes next makes it even better.

left to right: Spike, Bella, my niece Madeline (of the Joseph and Jane Gracey clan), and Boston (of the Sam and Rachelle Gracey clan)

Looks like she decided to go for it.

See what I mean about the overwhelming cuteness?

Well if it's not the right time for a baby yet, I'm definitely going to need a dog.

This is the kind I want really really really really badly...

The breed is Mastiff. Can you honestly say these are not the cutest, most awesome-looking dogs you've ever seen? They're, um, the largest and heaviest breed of dog there is. I won't go into their awesome temperament (how cuddly and attached and non-vicious and loyal they are) and all that, but I want one. Real bad. I'll just have to make sure it doesn't sit on anyone...

*below: possibly the best picture I've ever seen (thanks again to Kristine's facebook).

brother-in-law james and little maddie. there's just so much that's completely perfect about this picture. i love my in-laws...


kristine gracey anderson said...

Yay for my picture making it on!!

Lisa Louise said...

she is so cute! By the way i think it is awesome that you guys are interning for a humanitarian group!

cathy said...

I can't wait for that next generation of babies. Babies!