Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last week Jonathan and I decided to break up the work week and hit up a much-publicized concert to be held at the local bull ring. Lenin, who we work with, and Johnny, who goes to our church, both assured us that the concert would be "cheverisimo!" We asked what type of music would be played and were told it would be Reggaeton. We both immediately assumed "Reggaeton" was "Reggae" in Spanish and thus were easily convinced of how great this concert would be. We're both fans of the smooth, chill tunes of Bob Marley and Ub40, so we wanted to see what Ecuador would have to offer in this genre.

Upon arrival to the packed bull ring full of screaming adolescents, we became a little unsure of our assumption that "Reggaeton" really meant "Reggae."

When a gangsta wannabe wearing a huge, white, furry coat entered the stage with his silver-sequined dancers, we were... quite sure we had been expecting the wrong genre.

Does this look like Reggae to you? ....Didn't sound like Reggae either.

Turns out Reggaeton is an English word too. It's basically urban, hip-hop, R&B, electronica; to us, a far cry from that Jamaican music we know and love. However, we didn't let a little genre mix-up mess up our night. It was fun to just blend in with everyone and enjoy the show. Thanks to Carlos letting us borrow the Ascend camera for the night, I have some pictures to show you!

Since a lot of the songs actually sounded the same, I lost interest at times and attempted to entertain myself with self portraits. Usually what happens with Jonathan and I and self-portraits goes like this:

  • I hold out the camera in front of us and nudge Jonathan so he'll get ready for the picture.

  • I take the picture.

  • We look at the picture. I am smiling, he is inevitably making some weird/funny/scary face.

  • We laugh.

  • I hold out the camera and take another picture.

  • We look at the picture. Jonathan is smiling. I am making a weird/funny/scary face.

  • We laugh.

We rarely ever are both making weird faces or both making normal happy faces. This night was no exception.

Oh, and notice that girl above my right shoulder. When I am deaf in 5 years, it will be 80% her fault (the culprits of the other 20% are the girls who stood behind me at the Jimmy Eat World Concert last year).


Sarah Williams said...

Oh those girls from the Jimmy Eat World concert are still heard in my nightmares!

Lori Ann said...

Wow. You should have tried to get your hands on that fur coat. It would have made up for the hearing loss and everything:)

Michemily said...

Man, how do some people get so lucky and have such lovely hair?

amanda said...

Sar: I know. I always want to get G.A. from now on for fear of being stuck in front of siren girls.

Lori Ann: I just don't know how well I'd be able to pull of a white hairy coat. But maybe I could sleep under it or something.

Michelle: Thanks for the compliment. You're a lovely person. I think that night was the first time in years (besides my wedding) that I have curled my hair. Too much work, I think.

cathy said...

Glad you enjoyed the night out. Reminds me of some of the things we went to in Moscow. Thought is was one thing but it was another. All part of the ride!