Monday, July 6, 2009


So I'm always on the lookout for creative/interesting/funny/beautiful websites and blogs. Because of some comments made on a post by the mormonchildbride, I stumbled upon a website called Not Always Right. People send in stories about dealing with crazy customers and we all get to laugh and commiserate (and wonder what the world is coming to). I was scanning the archives and I thought I'd share with you a submission by an employee of a travel store that...well....see for yourself.

Travel Store Customer: “Do you have any globes that have the United States bigger? I don’t need all this Africa, I just really want the US and Europe.”


Folks, that's just sad on a number of levels.

I feel like there are a lot of people with these narrow-minded notions when it comes to the world and I would rant but I'm kind of in a good mood and let's just laugh at this instead. Also I have no intention of sounding self-righteous because by no means do I have a perfect and well-rounded (no pun intended) view of the world. I'll just invite dear Travel Store Customer to get out a little more... maybe even outside of the Northern Hemisphere. Who knows what you'll find!

Coincidentally, the mormonchildbride's most recent controversial post has a bit to do with ethnocentrism within the LDS church. check it out.


Chels... said...

Haha! I love hearing about new websites like that. Gives me something to read at work. My personal favorite is People are such idiots. :)

2kronor Hostel said...

I like your blog! Have you ever been to Stockholm?

amanda said...

yay... i love it when travel agencies and hostels advertise on my blog...


never been to stockholm but i love gimmelwald.

cathy said...

Amanda, you're the best! (And you win for having the coolest blogroll of anyone I know.)