Saturday, August 22, 2009

i miss blogging

and i have a lot i could say.

i could tell about the amazingly fun last two weeks traveling ecuador with jonathan's bro and sis.

i could tell about how awesome and wonderful it was to see all of our family and friends (and grocery stores and normal cuts of meat and a queen bed) upon returning home.

i could tell the story about the cute ecuadorian puppy named policia that we got the day we got home.

i could tell about the fun trip to bear lake with the whole honkin' chamberlain fam.

i could tell about how exciting it was to get a job that i loved... and then how heartbreaking it was when it didn't work out.

i could tell about how we almost moved into my great-grandma's old house while it's being sold but then they got their first offer on it the day we were planning to move in. (after trying to sell it all year with NO offers)

i could tell about how awesome my husband is.

i could tell about how we're living out of suitcases and boxes because we're in a small bedroom at my parents' house with no room for anything.

we've really had some great ups and some hard downs in the past month.

but... i won't go too much into all that. maybe in the future i'll put up a few choice pictures and videos.

for now, jonathan and i are job-hunting and apartment-hunting. and we're oh-so-grateful for our supportive families.

If you or someone you know is hiring...

aspiring mid-degree graphic designer with lots of experience and a good portfolio. 2 years experience as a server.

recent U of U grad in poli-sci and spanish. also 2 years experience as a server.

but really, life is still good even when it's sometimes bad and you get knocked on your bum.
and we're gonna be OOOOkay!


David and Brooke Gallagher said...

always so positive! You sure are a great person! It would be fun to see you some time now that your back?...

Michemily said...

I miss you blogging. Good luck with everything!

cathy said...

What? and What? Oh, man, we need to have a chat. I'm sorry to hear about your job and grandmas house. I had such high hopes (as I'm sure you did) for both. :(

Chels... said...

I admire your positive attitude! I need a little bit more of that sometimes. Let me know if ya ever need anything! :)

Michemily said...

Thanks for the comment! I just sent you an email to your account. Do you ever check that address?

Lisa Louise said...

you are so impressive! Welcome back to the states!

Sara Lou said...

It's good to here that you guys exist again, Sara and I want to get together and play with you guys!