Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this is what happens when you don't feel like giving up your husband to guys night.

What I am doing right now:

(the edge of the laptop screen in the bottom left corner of the photo means that i'm participating in my own amusement... not wii mario battle or whatever it is.)

What I wish I was doing right now:

(the blanket is every bit as soft as it looks. the pink wingback chairs next to me are the ones i hope to reupholster... someday. also, when did jonathan take this picture?)

What I hope Policia is doing right now. (and not chewing up chair legs or eating rat poison)


David and Brooke Gallagher said...

You and me both! Except I would add a pic of my kids sleeping as well! Good luck!

Johnny said...

We offered to let you play! AND we offered to let you sleep...