Wednesday, October 28, 2009


i was complaining to jonathan yesterday about how i want to blog more but there's nothing to say.

so jonathan told me to blog about our doggy. well he's fun and exciting for us and we love him but i think i already talk about him to much to my friends and family and they're probably sick of him. i can't help but post a cute picture of him though.

he suggested i blog about his beard. jonathan has had a beard for the first time in his life for about 3 months now. he might shave it soon. i think he's hot both ways so whatever.

he suggested i blog about the work we're doing on our little basement apartment. we've been painting a lot. our new bedroom is now a blueish greenish. swan sea. it looks better than it sounds. i can't wait to get carpet and organized.

i refuse to get too settled in my current blugh restaurant job... which means i've been officially searching for a job for more than 5 months. rough.

jonathan has been searching for a job for about 3 months. he even resorted to applying at 7-11 the other day. :(

my little bro, josh, got swine flu. i hear gargling warm salt water twice a day and drinking hot drinks or soups helps keep flu germs from growing in your throat. let's hope it works.

i have never been a huge t.v. person, but abc's new show flashforward is really entertaining. we've been watching it. i recommend it.

so see? nothing too crazy going on around here. life's kind of a yawn right now. but a good yawn.

(pay attention starting at 00:11)

yep, life's kind of like that.


Emily and Alex Knight said...

yawn....haha just kidding

Dasha said...

When I was a kid and started getting a sore throat, my mom made me gargle warm water and baking soda. It worked wonders.

Good luck with the job search, life, etc. Oh and your dog is adorable.

Sarah said...

I love Flash Forward! It's like the new lost but better!

Jessica said...

I am way behind the times. I havn't even heard of that show. And, your dog is super cute, I like the blue color, and I will keep my eyes open for jobs!

James McOmber said...

I think Jonathan is hotter with the beard. Tell him I said that.