Monday, January 11, 2010

i quit.

no more working at my soul-killing job.


but now i seriously SERIOUSLY need a job. scary.


Michemily said...


Chris and Amy Darton said...

Good for you! I was going to let you guys know- my work is hiring! I work at Discover and it is an amazing company to work for. Plus they have incredible benefits. It might not be your most favorite job of all time- but its a job right? They seem to be taking referrals a whole lot quicker than just normal applicants so you two apply and feel free to put me down as a referral- Amy Darton- Jonathan knows me I guess more than you :). Good luck and I hope something comes around quick.

Chels... said...

Ebay is hiring :)

ALso, my friend works for a company called ClearLink they have a job open titled, "Online BadAss" or something... I don't know why you wouldn't apply for that one. ;)

Paper plains said...

wow, that sounds just about fabulous right now....good for you!