Saturday, January 2, 2010

my nomination for today's "get a life" award

just got home from work.

served a table of 4 snooty people that were pretty hard to please but thought i did a good job. they seemed content with everything.

after they were finished i dropped off their credit card with the receipt to sign and tip on. i grabbed a pen out of my pocket and gave it to the man with the receipt. the pen happened to have dark red ink.

after they sit and chat for two hours and i refill their water numerous times, they leave. i go to pick up the receipt and this is what he wrote on it:

"new years.
red ink?
:( "

frowny face? seriously?

apparently he didn't approve of the red pen. and my tip reflected that.

so i ask you all... which is tackier: a server giving a customer a red pen to use to sign his or her credit card receipt OR a customer drawing a frowny face on his or her receipt and tipping the server badly because of the colored pen?


i am so done serving.*

*but not really because it's still my job.


MandiScandal said...

im sure your tip didn't reflect the color of the pen.... just their tackiness..

but yes... i hate when people give me something other than blue or black to sign with. especially at a resturant... i don't know why they even have red pens.

amanda, you are wonderful... keep hanging in there!

amanda said...

why do you hate red pens? seriously. why? what's the matter with them?

Michemily said...

Oh man. I love red pens. I remember someone telling me that in Japan, using red to write means you are angry. Maybe they were Japanese? ;) We were trying to guess who the mean dude was when we were there, by the way. Thanks for being our server. I was so excited to see you, because I had the vaguest remembrance that we had mentioned that restaurant at the luncheon, but I'd forgotten it was because you work there. Hee hee. I really like the bread. :)

amanda said...

they weren't japanese. and michelle, the guy that made your dad's pizza that night was the mean one. kind of a larger guy in his thirties with a baseball cap on. he usually doesn't make the pizzas though so that was kind of weird.

thank your parents for the great tip. i appreciated it!

Ann Fisher said...

What a loser! I could care less what color of pen you give me as long as it works!
I'll come in soon and leave you a good tip! (As soon as I can get a babysitter!)

David and Brooke Gallagher said...

I need to come see you so I can sign my receipt with your red pen and leave you a good tip!