Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a lot can change in a year

Well, at this time last year Jonathan and I were enjoying our first month of Ecuador. There was a lot to write about. Cute kids, delicious and cheap produce, odd bed situation, quirky culture differences, new friends, perfecting the language, weekend trips, gastrointestinal issues, beautiful landscape, interesting food, etc.

This year... well, life feels a lot different. Instead of three floors up in a sunny apartment in Riobamba, Ecuador, we're one floor down in a chilly basement apartment in Salt Lake. Instead of eating, sleeping, working, and playing together 24/7, I'm working 8am to 5pm five days a week in one place and he's working 11 am - 8 pm or 5pm - 12am five days a week somewhere else. During the week I'm lucky if we're awake together for 2.5 hours a day. Different. Harder. Not as fun to write about, but not bad. Just... life.

So what has been happening for us the past little while?

I got a full-time job back in January that I like a lot. It's not glamorous work by any stretch of the imagination, but it keeps me busy and I really like everyone I work with. AND starting April 1st I have medical insurance again for the first time since getting married. It's a big relief to have both of us insured. Phew.

Jonathan just got a job too. He works about 37 hours a week... I'm guessing so that they don't have to give him full-time employee benefits. Oh well. We're grateful for the 2nd income.

My sister had her baby two weeks ago and was nice enough to let me be there for the whole experience. It was amazing to watch a baby come into the world... and also kinda scared the crap outta me. Got a little gory at the end there. Emily did a great job through everything and little Jackson is soooo cute. See her blog for more pictures.

new family of 3!

Our little Ecuadorian souvenir causes us trouble trouble trouble, but somehow he's still around. I'm pretty sure he hasn't failed to eat every possible thing that could cause him to get sick and/or die. Chocolate (many occasions), rat poison (three occasions... I'm hoping we found it all finally.), poop, decomposing rats, that little do-not-eat package that comes in shoe boxes and beef jerky packages, whole rib bones, paper, half a bag of brown sugar, garbage garbage garbage, who knows what else. I'm sure I've missed things. Needless to say, we've done our fair share of barf clean-ups. He's hairy too. What I don't get is that we still love him. How do we love something so annoying? Good question.

our troublemaker licking the flavor out of his empty dog food bag.

bathtime after a muddy play-date with the neighbor's dog

notice the garbage strewn about him

We celebrated our first anniversary a few weeks ago by taking a picnic and 'Cia to the Great Salt Lake. Fun, low-key, and...the closest I can get to a beach in Utah in February. I realized a week later that we forgot to eat the top of our wedding cake that's been sitting in my parents' freezer for over a year now. Hm.

watching for the sunset in the car while Jonathan chased 'Cia around the salty beach.

Yes, life is pretty different than it was a year ago for Jonathan and me. Different and not really much to write home about. There is one exciting thing going on though... Exciting and VERY different from anything I was experiencing last year (unless you count the parasite)...

We are expecting a baby. Yep, us. WE, who said we were going to wait a couple years until we were more settled in, financially secure, blah blah blah, are having a baby. It was unplanned and a big surprise, but guess what? We are so happy and excited. I'm due the first week of September and I'm 16 weeks along today (Don't ask me how many months that is. I've found that's a frustrating question to figure out the answer to.). Anyway, we should be finding out the gender very soon. We're hoping for a boy or a girl. :)

People, no matter how normal you try to get, life is crazy.


Michemily said...

Whoa, that last little surprise was awesome. Congrats. How sweet for you.

Jessica said...

Congrats! What an exciting way to finish out your first year of marriage! I can't wait to hear what you are having. Hope you are feeling good!

Dasha said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you guys will be awesome parents given all the patience you have with your dog :)

Halie said...

YAY! So exciting!! Hopefully all three of our little ones will get to play with each other how fun! I am glad everything is going good for you guys you definetly deserve it!!!
Love ya!

Jeffrey said...

Glad to finally hear it from your mouth. I've heard rumors, but... anyway, congratulations! We need to talk and soon. Love you!

Jeffrey said...

And that last comment was left by my wife under my name, but I share the same sentiments! Congratulations!

bob and sara rich said...

sweeeet! you guys will love parenthood, it's pretty much the bomb. We still need to hang out, so why don't you guys come visit us and we'll make you a celebration dinner. give me or Sara a call whenever me 801-518-3457, sara 801-518-2837

Chris and Amy Darton said...

Yay! Congrats you guys, you will love every minute of it Im sure :)Thats so exciting.

Lisa Louise said...

congratulations!!!! that is so great!

McKensie Naomi said...

AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am seriously thrilled for you two! You will love it. You will probably get even more freaked out over the next few months, but it is AMAZING! It is so worth it, as I am sure your sister is learning too. I hope you are feeling well, if not, let me know! I have some remedies. Oh, I am glad you already know how annoying it is when people ask how many months, instead of how many weeks :) That truly is awesome! You will make a beautiful, fun mother!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Oh you sneaky thing you! Waiting until the end to throw that in there! Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you.
I'm glad you finally commented on my blog, cause I lost your url and have been missing your blog. hooray i'm back reading it.

Julie said...

Congrats!!! Are little Emma wasn't planned but she has been the greatest blessing. You guys will love it.

hoistgrace said...

Good thing I don't like normal