Thursday, April 15, 2010

sugar and spice...

Well, the ultrasound yesterday was without doubt the most fun part of being pregnant so far. And, well, nothing else about pregnancy has been really fun at all.

The ultrasound technician was really friendly and told us about everything we were looking at. The only problem was that the baby was very awkwardly tucked into a little tight spot in my uterus with legs crossed, arms over head, and face buried in the placenta. We were later told by the doctor that we have a very flexible little kid in there.

Baby did not want to move out of the tight little pretzel. It took forever to get all the measurements and pictures that they needed (which was fine by Jonathan and I since we got to spend more time watching our little one squirm around). The main problem for me was that they couldn't see the gender at all. I had to get up and pee and jump around and then the ultrasound tech tried again with no luck. She told me to lie on my side until the doctor came in. He finally came in and told us everything looks good and healthy. He then pushed and prodded (quite painfully) and shook but still no luck with the legs uncrossing. He made me get up and pee again and move around a bunch and FINALLY baby moved enough to get a good view. aaaaannndd....

Baby's a girl! We are so excited (and would have been either way). But little girl clothes! Fun! And now for those who have the ability to decipher ultrasound pics...

Profile of her face (I think) with her arm going up over her head. We couldn't get any really good profile pics since she was smushing her face into the placenta. The best one we got won't upload onto this post. Ugh!

creepy face shot. left eyeball and all

cute little foot!

...and one of the shots that showed the doctor that she's a girl. if anyone has any expertise in this, please take a look and make sure those look like girl parts to you too.

same with this one. shot of the girl parts.

In the back of my mind I'm a little nervous that the doctor might be wrong. Not that I wouldn't love to have a boy, but I want to plan for the right gender! It took them so long to decide what she is that I'm just a little worried that they finally just picked a sex to get me out of their ultrasound room.

I wonder how much Fetal Fotos charges.... I don't care about getting more pictures, I just want to make sure she's really a girl!