Friday, November 26, 2010

Hattie's Eye

Check it out.


At first I thought her eyes were changing to brown,

DSCF2540 - Copy

but now I'm pretty sure it's a rare condition called Sectoral Heterocromia.

They say it's a sign of royalty, and hey, there's even a Facebook group for it.


Thursday, November 4, 2010


.going to work every morning when a cozy baby is still snoozing in your bed is hard. very hard.

.i have great family who takes turns taking care of my hattie j. mom, janet, emily, cathy, grandma, alex: thanks. jonathan and i are so grateful.

.pumping at work sucks. i feel like a cow.

.good thing i have a fat and happy baby to show for it.

.it's crazy how you can not really care much one way or the other for other people's kids your whole life and then feel completely and totally head over heels for your own.

.they're just babies. what makes them so... like you just want to.... kiss them and hug them and be smiled and coo'ed at all day. who am i? gag. but really.

'cia almost killed a cat today. it ended up tangling itself in vines and chicken wire on our fence and hanging upside down for 45 minutes until jonathan could get it untangled. i don't much like cats, but poor cat. sorry. bad dog, 'cia. cat: try not to come in our backyard anymore.

.still haven't hung stuff on our walls. surprise, surprise.

.we got a new old car. my first car in the thousands! year-wise and money-wise. ha!

.postpartum healing sucks way more than pregnancy. and pregnancy sucks.

.i want to go to spain with jonathan on a romantic vacation. but bring hattie too because i couldn't ever leave her that far. who says you can't have kids AND foreign travels AND romance, huh? who?!

.i'm trying to brainstorm inventions so we can get rich so we can travel.

.baby coos and smiles are the most beautiful thing on this earth. so that should sustain me even if we can't travel for awhile. gag, i know. but really.

.i need clothes. jonathan needs clothes. but we're poor/stubborn and don't want to spend money on them. plus i'm not a fan of shopping. everyone just get used to seeing me in the same few things. OR, if you're getting rid of clothes, send them my way. i'll drop them off at the D.I. for ya. heh heh...

.jonathan's designing some pretty cool stuff at school this semester. i'm proud of him. and excited for him. he is a great artist. brag brag brag. my husband's got skillllzzzzzzz.

.all you moms and/or dads out there who work all day and then come home to kids and also cook and clean: how?

.i thought the christmas music was supposed to start on the radio by now. fm100, you are FAILING me.

.SO glad elections are over. and as a political science major*, that was supposed to be fun. nope.

.you know, if i could pick one thing in the whole world to be cheaper to buy... it would be diapers.

.should i sign up for a triathlon this spring? or will i hate myself for it the whole two weeks leading up to it?

.baby's waking up. yay. bye for now.

*so i graduated with a degree in a political science. does that make me a political scientist? it sounds so pretentious.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm proud to say that I can officially start wearing...

Because I'm not a woman anymore, I'm a mom.