Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm officially on my quest to learn what I didn't learn in college.

Web Design.

I'm not sure when the desire to create a website came to me, but during my last semester of college I decided to figure out what this HTML business was all about. I signed up for a free class sponsored by the U of U's Marriott Library. Hmmm, well the guy who taught it ended up being a little old school. At the time, the world of website creation and web design were completely new to me and I just assumed I was learning cutting edge stuff here. It was a little disheartening when I realized that the teacher had taught us mostly outdated practices. Using table tags to format web pages. Tag names in all caps was best. Using old HTML tags instead of CSS to style a web page.

Anyway, try number two. I got a book and researched online. I'm now teaching myself from the latest sources (I hope) and I've decided to build a website completely from scratch.

Lest this post gets too boring for those with absolutely zero interest in the behind-the-scenes internet, a picture! This is a screenshot of the very VERY beginnings for my trial website. It will eventually be a working website for Jonathan's graphic design work, portfolio, blog, etc. On the right side is the HTML document and the left is how Internet Explorer displays it. Pretty cool?

Screenshot 1

Well even if you think it's completely lame, ugly, and boring (I hate you), the point is, I'm doing it. I'm learning something I've wanted to learn for a long while. Maybe it'll be a hobby, maybe I could make some money. Maybe once I'm done I'll realize there are other things I'd much rather be doing with my time. Who knows? But isn't it so exciting?!

I'll give occasional updates on how it's coming. Keep me on it!


Jeffrey said...

Learning web design is the coolest! I'm in an online media class and I'm loving it! It's really difficult, but the payoff's totally worth it! Keep us posted.

Michemily said...

Cool! If I were in Salt Lake, I'd want to learn right alongside you!

Hawaii Website Design said...

Wow....thats great!...congrats!....
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